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Cần người giỏi tiếng Anh giúp !!!

đề : Fill in the gaps in this summary ò storage devices using the correct word from the list
 But       however     because      so   therefore      for this reason
 Floppies are very cheap,(1)__________they are slow and have a limited capacity .Hard disks are fast and can store large amounts large amounts of data(2)__________they are fixed inside the computer,(3)_________you cannot use them to transfer data. You can transfer data with removable hard disks,(4)_________they are expensive.CD-ROM disks can hold quite large amount of data.(5)_________, they are usually read_only(6)_________you cannot change the information on them. Magneto_optical disks are like CD-ROMs(7)__________you can write data on to them. They are removable and have large capacities,(8)__________they are expensive and do not conform to a standard.(9)_________,they are not very common.Magnetic tape is cheap and has a large capacity.(10)_________it does not allow random access and drives are slow.(11)___________it is only suitable for backups.
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